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The Healing Journey

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Hi you lovely soul,

Are you one of those people who are doing “fine” in their lives, but still feeling empty or even suffering inside? If yes, keep reading…

Camino de Santiago. Beautiful sea and nature. Healing environment.
This picture is from the Camino de Santiago. Walking these routes in the North of Spain has been part of my Healing Journey

During the years I have helped multiple people on their healing journey, I have seen the same patterns happening. It is not always just like this, as we are all unique and in different stages of our Journey, but this seems to be the script:

1. Looking for the Magic pill

Humans naturally seek pleasure and avoid pain.

The concept of a magic pill aligns with this fundamental aspect of human nature by promising a path to a more pleasurable and less painful existence.

In this stage of healing the person is thinking the pain as something that is outside of them.

“If only this would go away, I could go back to my old life.”

They usually feel victimised by the pain or the situation and they use tremendous amount of energy to run away from it. You can imagine that the suffering is like air balloons under the water and the person is constantly holding them down so they would not pop out to the surface.

2. Looking for help

In this stage of the healing journey, the person is already admitting that there is a problem and looking for a solution.

They think that the psychologist, the doctor, the shaman or whoever is like a God that can magically just take the suffering away and in some weeks the problem is solved.

Placing blind trust in the authority figure is once again keeping the problem at a distance, with the hope that it can simply be taken away.

"I believe that everything in the Universe is energy. For me Noora represents the clearest possible energy -- she is present and exudes compassion and wisdom. Between years 2018-2020 I suffered from chronic pains, depression and anxiety. I started working with Noora in the Autumn of 2020 and in the beginning of 2021 I was already feeling better than ever before. Often the best medicine is a loving touch and a compassionate gaze."

- Aleksi, Helsinki

3. The realisation

In this stage of the healing journey, one starts to realize that the source of suffering is not anything “outside”, it is inside of them. The therapist can give great tools for understanding the pain, processing it and one will be able to hold themselves together in challenging situations.

But there is still this feeling of not being completely fine; on a rational level everything is understood, processed and forgiven, but there is a deeper craving of actual integration.

4. Starting the Journey

And this is a stage of healing the not many people enter during their life.

They are able to operate, sometimes on a constant medication, feeling a bit miserable, but they don’t know that there is a way of finding joy, peace and fulfilment in life.

The real Journey begins when the person starts to own their problem/the source of sufferment on the energetic/spiritual level.

Everything is energy, our thoughts, feelings and actions are energy. And do you remember the metaphor about the air balloons under the water? This is what it actually is. Energy stuck in your body-mind-spirit complex that needs to be released.

This is a deeper level of operating than the conscious mind (which we have been using on the stage 3.)

Camino de Santiago. Forest and a small village.
Camino de Santiago. These 5 days gave me time to connect with myself. Walking, eating, sleeping and repeating. True harmony.

5. Aligning your life on a spiritual level

During the stage 4. you will start to open up also on a spiritual level.

You go through a transformation from being a victim of the circumstances to actually being the co-creator of your life. This path is highly inspiring and brings you to alignment with your higher self.

This is a stage where you feel so much more joy and every day is like a lesson for you to learn more about yourself. This is a truly inspiring way of living the life and you feel fearless and empowered.

This does not mean that you would never encounter problems anymore. Actually you will, but your perception of life has changed and you feel that you can go through any obstacles that are on your way.

"I’ve taken part in Noora’s coaching for 8 weeks now. I was in a need to make big changes in my life and to feel better with myself, both physically and mentally,

when I started this journey. With Noora I’ve worked towards my goals and dived deeply into myself.

I’m quite amazed how much I’ve been able to change! Noora is a talented coach who combines the spiritual side with goal orientation. Energy healing and life coaching work very well together but also the model to work individually and in a group support each other. I highly recommend Noora and her Journey of Life course!"

— Iris, Kirkkonummi, Finland

Ready for Your Own Healing Journey?

Our Journey here on this planet is unique for each one of us. The wisdom is hidden inside of you.

And you have all the power to live a harmonious and joyful life filled with love.

I collaborate with those ready to evolve, challenge their "old self," and unlock a world of new thoughts, feelings, routines, and actions. Together, let's ignite positive changes that will ripple through every aspect of your life! 💫✨ If you feel that you are ready for this Journey and you would love to have a guide showing you your blind spots and walking the first steps with you, don't hesitate to schedule a free call with me. In this call, we will talk about your situation and I will give you a lot of value so that you can already start taking the first steps of Your Journey.

Girl in a forest. Red shirt.
Me in the forest near my home. Nature is my place to align with my inner wisdom.

Much Love!


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