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Welcome to the Journey of your life!

Energy Healing & Life Coaching with a spiritual twist.
Meet Noora

Meet Noora

Healer and life coach

I started my journey of holistic services by becoming a massage therapist in 2016. After that I specialised in Voice Massage - a massage style developed for people with respiratory and vocal problems. 

Pretty soon I came to realise that there is something else that needs to be treated. I could open the muscles and my customers were very happy.

But they always kept coming back with the same problems. So I dived into the world of Energy Healing by studying Reiki and after that a method called "Body Mind Energy Balancing -Method".


Miracles started to happen. I could permanently remove pains that had been on the massage table for years. And not only physical pains, but also emotional traumas and other energetic reasons behind them. After that I have kept studying this subject passionately and my work has become more and more effective.

In my healing work I noticed that many of my customers become victims of their illness or diagnoses. They lock themselves up in a cage and limit their lives.  Seeing the bright future ahead seems almost impossible.

The pains disappear and their condition becomes better. But they start to be lost. After years of suffering, the pain has been a big part of their identity. This is why I studied Life Coaching. To get the tools to help people create the life they want. Step by step. Because without a vision there will not be a change. 

After years of studying and healing people I have developed my own style that is a mix of Healing and Life Coaching. I combine tens of different energy healing techniques depending what my needs during each session. On the side, we work with Life Coaching techniques for finding limiting beliefs, core values and creating a vision for the future.

I help you to create the life you truly want.

Welcome to the Healing Journey!

Haluatko tietoa suomen kielellä? Vieraile Taikavoimen kollektiivin sivuilla:

Why Naturopathy

Why Healing and Life Coaching?

It can help with

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Physical pain

Physical pain is an indicator of an energy blockage. What does your body want to tell you?

What is still "stuck" there?

Fears and anxiety

Fear and anxiety are signs that you are out of alignment with yourself. With Life Coaching and Energy Healing we can restore the connection within you so you can start living the life you want to live.

Feeling lost

What is the purpose of my life? 

Why am I here? 

What do I want to do?

What kind of life do I want to have?

Let's find it out!

Unhealthy habits

Unhealthy habits are difficult to cut down without any help. It is not only a habit to smoke or to binge. Behind that behaviour there are many factors that also need to be faced and healed.


Stress kills. It is behind almost all severe illnesses. Stress is very often chronic and the customer does not even realise it. Energy Healing is a marvellous way of reducing stress levels and letting the body to start heal itself. 

Letting go of the past

For getting something, we need to let go of something.

In this journey you will let go of the things you don't need anymore and start becoming the person you really want to be.


"I believe that everything in the Universe is energy.
For me Noora represents the clearest possible energy -- she is present and exudes compassion and wisdom.
Between years 2018-2020 I suffered from chronic pains, depression and anxiety. I started working with Noora in the Autumn of 2020 and in the beginning of 2021 I was already feeling better than ever before.

Often the best medicine is a loving touch and a compassionate gaze."

— Aleksi, Helsinki, Finland

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Contact Info

IG: healer_noora

FB: Healer Noora


The sessions are online. Location: the World, Universe.

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